The Creative – Nine Types of Learners

The Creative – Nine Types of Learners

Meet Carlos and Camille.  Introspective, sensitive, dramatic and intense. 

Emotion plays a big part in the existence of the Creative and they can become caught up in the waves at times. These students embrace the complexity of existence and appreciate the nature of symbolism and ritual.

Learning Style

In order to learn effectively, Carlos and Camille need a special connection to their teacher and recognition of their unique value in the classroom. When they are engaged effectively and can see the inherent value in their work, they will pour their soul into the task at hand. 

Creatives like to go deep and are unafraid of delving into the complexity surrounding issues. They feel strongly aligned with the plight of those less fortunate and are motivated to help them. They will often focus on what is missing rather than what is already there. 

Inspiration is key for these students and they thrive when faced with a challenge.


Aesthetic and ambiance are important qualities to Carlos and Camille and a well-designed space can have a positive impact upon their learning. 

Creatives thrive in learning environments that allow them freedom to impart their own flavour into activities and tasks, discover their authenticity and follow the spark. 


If you have a Carlos or Camille in your life, you can help them in the following ways:

  1. Embrace the highs and lows. Big emotions are just a part of life so learn to sit with them without being overly affected. Help them see that they are more than their current feeling. 
  2. Don’t criticise or compare. Creatives already filter out so much of the positive information and internalise the negative signals they perceive, so any slight feels like a confirmation of their greatest fears.
  3. Help them to appreciate the mundane and connect everyday activities to a greater purpose. Depth can be found in repetitive activities and they have the power to elevate the ordinary for those around them. 
  4. Listen to them and seek their opinion. Creatives think deeply about life and have a lot of perspective to offer.
  5. Encourage them to channel their emotional energy into creative ends – whether acting, writing, art, music or a social justice endeavour. 

Creatives can often be misunderstood but they have great capacity to improve our experience of life. With their particular gifts (intensity, creativity, depth, sympathy, originality, intuition and dramatic flair) they allow us to view the world with greater connection and understanding. When they learn to use emotions as prompts rather than being buffeted by the waves, they can channel extraordinary creativity and efficiency and accomplish spectacular feats of wonder. 

This category of learner has been based upon Type 4 of the Enneagram (or ‘The Creative’). If you wish to delve more deeply into the psychology of the Enneagram, follow the links above. 

As the journey of self discovery is one best enjoyed by each individual, we suggest that you use this as an internal guide for yourself, rather than telling your students which type you think they might be. We do understand that each person is utterly unique and there will be variations within each type, but we have found this typology the most helpful for getting a basic understanding of human behaviour and motivation. 

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