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  • Meet Percy and Prunella. Straight-backed, neat hair, ironed uniforms. They speak with confidence, often with serious or unemotional tones. These students are focused, di

  • Meet Hillary and Horatio.  Big hearts, warm smiles, open arms. They are cheerful and empathetic, charming and connected. They thrive in relationships by anticipating the

  • Meet Anders and Abigail.  Competitive, quick-thinking, confident and charming.  Life is a series of goals to these students – they assess, assemble and m

  • Meet Carlos and Camille.  Introspective, sensitive, dramatic and intense.  Emotion plays a big part in the existence of the Creative and they can become caught up in the

  • Meet Ira and Imogen.  No-nonsense, introverted, independent and detached.  Investigators consume information like a sponge, deferring to knowledge as a means o

  • Meet Quentin and Quinn.  Sociable and skeptical, thoughtful and concerned.  Questioners approach the world from a place of doubt, continually scanning their en

  • Meet Elvis and Essie.  Cheeky, charming, active, energetic. Life is a grand adventure for Enthusiasts and they love spontaneity and fun. They want to experience the worl

  • Meet Caesar and Cleopatra.  Assertive, intense, high-energy and demanding.  They know what they want and they don’t stop until they get it. Anger comes easily

  • Meet Peter and Polly.  Calm, peaceful, agreeable, mediators.  The Peacemaker is so in tune with what others around them are thinking that sometimes they forget to check